Friday, 3 March 2017

He's got it in the bag!

Bonjour fine people! Its has been some time since I last wrote a post due to work and just life in general but I am back and ready to rumble! I have so much planned for 2017 and there will be more posts coming very soon about all of that, but before we get there, todays write up is all about a bag. To be more precise, a bag made by MAHI Leather.

The reason for the post is that I realised that I am fast approaching the grand age of 30 years old, and where as most of me has attempted to mature into more of a gentleman with a bit of style and class, work in progress, there is one part of this whole picture that needs some attention in a big way. When I go away with the wife for weekends away to see friends and family around the country, she has a lovely collection of luggage to pick from to store all her clothes, makeup, shoes, straighteners, the kitchen sink, and whatever else comes out of the realm to another dimension bag to take with her. However, me, well I have the same old nike sports bag that I have had since I was 19 years old, that is covered with god knows what, and looks more fitting in a throw back to the school days when you would discover a 3 week old banana and a burst tube of Frube along with that one random sock that your not quite sure will ever find its soul mate again, you get the picture? Dont get me wrong, the bag has done good, it could still be used for many more years no doubt, however its time to stop being a man boy and be a gentleman. So i am about to take delivery in the near future of a bag from MAHI Leather and I will be showing you via my Instagram page over the coming weeks, months and years just where me and my bag will be travelling to and what we get up to so make sure you check it out.

Right then, so who are MAHI Leather you may be asking, well pull up a stool, pour yourself a cold one and gather round my friends and I shall tell you a tale.

MAHI Leather is a company that wants you, the customer to get a product that is of top quality and will last whilst at the same time make sure that those proud craftsman who make said product to such high standards, get what they deserve for their effort and time, and as well as this they also want to do a bit of good in the world and give something back. How do they do this you ask? Well for every product that is sold, they donate $1.50 to a charity called Frank water.

Frank water is a charity that aims to bring safe drinking water and sanitation to 663 million people worldwide who are still lacking this most fundamental of basic human rights. Scary right? So every time you purchase one of these products, you are helping out in a small way, somewhere else in the world. For me personally, I think this is a great system to have in place, and although it may sound like such a small drop in an ocean, its the lots of little bits that actually make the most difference when they are all put together so massive kudos to MAHI for that. If your interested to find out more, give this video a watch and see what you think, it gets a thumbs up from me. Anyway how does this all link in with MAHI leather? Well the company take their name from a river in India which benefits from the charity and they have some cool little hints in relation to this on their page where they put the actual coordinates of where the mouth of the river meets the Arabian sea, I'll let you see if you can spot them when you head over to the page and check them out.

MAHI Leather have a vast array of products from holdalls and duffles down to Macbook and IPad sleeves, and they all can all be personalised with your initials to really make them your own, again nice touch as it really can make the product yours and makes great gifts too. I think I'll be getting some for family members very soon indeed! They also have some great products for the lady in your life too guys so if leather is something she is into (calm down 50 shades), then maybe you should take a glance at the site and see how many brownie points you can score so you can justify going down the pub for some crafty ones with the lads!

Anyway this post is simply a start point for many more mentions of my bag to come both here, my Instagram page and my Twitter feed in the very near future as like I mentioned above, I have some very exciting trips coming up over the year, but you shall hear more about that very soon!

Cheers for reading, I hope you took something away from the post and make sure to go check MAHI Leather on the link below and get yourself some awesomeness!


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