About Moi

Hello I'm Chris, welcome to my new blog about you guessed it, beers, bikes and bistro! As well as this I will be talking about a whole variety of things from music, travelling, outdoor adventures and more than likely a few posts about my hound Harry and the adventures we get up to!

I'm a 27 year old physically, but 17 year old mentally, a recently married man who loves to get out and about and dip my fingers in many pies and see what life has to offer.

There were many others words beginning with "B" that I could of added to my blog title such as beards and burgers but it just did not roll off the tongue as well as the above!

My main goal for this blog is to get more people to see the different aspects and things that motivate a late 20's male living in Cambridgeshire. I would rather have one person read this, take something away such as trying something new (like a cold craft beer and really enjoying it),  instead of having 100 people read this and skip on to somewhere else and take nothing away.

Its quality over quantity with me so fingers crossed you like what you read, you get out on two wheels, get a cold one and enjoy a good chow down on some good food that you may have read about here.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy!


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